Comprehensive analysis of manufacturing statistics contributes to identifying specific needs related to overall manufacturing operations in this country. Compiling data and analysis regarding the needs of manufacturers will provide poignant argument for ratification and amendment of laws, taxes and policies adversely affecting the manufacturing sector. Unnecessary and excessive regulation costs this country jobs and stifles economic recovery. The statistics are more than disheartening and directly proportionate to the loss of jobs and economic hardships which plague the nation.

The United States has the highest statutory corporate tax rate among developed nations. It is, on average, 20 percent more expensive to manufacture in the United States than it is to manufacture in our major trading partners.[vii] Manufacturer’s legal costs exceed $865 Billion annually.[viii] Cost of Federal Regulations in this country has increased to more than $1.75 Trillion.[ix]

Made in America will help to facilitate the following non-partisan reforms:
A solution based strategy which would include reducing the tax burdens through tax abatement and deferral programs for qualifying companies. Tax reform could also eliminate the current incentives in the current tax code structure to move manufacturing investments overseas, a critical component in the retention of US jobs. Our current corporate tax restrictions are more than 15% greater than those of our overseas manufacturing competitors. Reformation of the current tax structure would even the proverbial playing field with American trading partners.

Made in America would aid in supporting investment from the government level on small and medium sized manufacturers to ensure access to capital for start-up and expansion, in addition to back loans on public-private research and development in manufacturing. Promote existing higher-valued infrastructure locations for retention and recruitment of manufacturing sector and rebuild disadvantaged locations with infrastructure needed to promote advanced manufacturing services.

Promote the offering of incentive rewards for use of low-cost energy reducing manufacturing cost and expenditures. In addition to green energy investment, it will aid and contribute in the promotion of expanded natural gas opportunities, natural gas being the primary source of American manufacturing energy.

Be American, Buy American
Made In America promotes and supports “Patriotic Spending” – the act of using American dollars to purchase American goods and services. As a nation, when we purchase foreign made goods, we are driving a stake in the heart of our economy. If we do not support American workers, jobs are shipped out of the country.  If we do not support American businesses, they die off at a staggering rate.  By purchasing Made in the USA products, we are strengthening our economy and the financial future of this country.  For every manufacturing job we bring back to America, FIVE additional jobs are created as a result.  If each of those employed, in turn, spends their money on American made goods and services the cycle will continue. The more you buy American made, the more the economy is stimulated, and the more jobs are created.  In fact, if we spend just 5% more on American made products, we can help create 1 million jobs directly and another 1 million jobs indirectly.

Driving the Future of Manufacturing: The New American Automobile
Despite past challenges, the U.S. automotive sector is poised to become the world leader in innovation, research, and development. In today’s automotive industry, American cars have become the benchmark of quality, dependability, styling, and fuel efficiency. With more models and options than ever before, and a vast array of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles manufactured by American companies like Tesla, Ford Motors, and Chevrolet we are rivaling our foreign competition in every way. Made In America proudly supports and promotes American automakers and urges all Americans to buy American cars to help support our economy.

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